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Dispex is led by two dispensing doctors who understand the complexities and intricacies of dispensing practices.

Our focus on Training, Profitability, Information and Dispensing Supplies enables our members to significantly enhance the efficiency and profitability of their dispensaries.

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Our dedicated team liaises with practices, offering our members the support and advice they need. We are also proud to be the only publishers of a targeted dispensing magazine, the Dispex Gazette. For further details, please watch our membership video.


Dapagliflozin Patient Identification Resource

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Upcoming Training Events

Dispex continues to support practices by enabling continued staff development through our Tutor led Tutorials! 45mins - 1hr, subject driven training from our experienced and knowledgeable Tutors.

DSQS Guidance



What attendees will learn Dispex understands that time is precious, therefore we are now able to offer a lunchtime training session on DSQS! This session...

£75 +VAT - non-members

Find our more: DSQS Guidance

Controlled Drugs Part 2



What attendees will learn By the end of this course you will have achieved an understanding of: Process of ordering, requisition & supplier requirements. The CD Register,...

£75 +VAT - non-members

Find our more: Controlled Drugs Part 2

NHSBSA and Dispex Webinar-Endorsing



NEW DATE Presented by Mark Gibbon, Pharmaceutical Technical Analyst. Mark works with BSA processing staff/contractors enabling accurate reimbursement What attendees will learn This Webinar will...

Free - non-members

Find our more: NHSBSA and Dispex Webinar-Endorsing
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