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Membership brings great advantages-we enable dispensing doctor practices to benefit from the joint efforts, expertise and power of a leading group in its market place. Our dedicated team works with over 700 dispensing practices throughout the UK on a daily basis giving our members the help, support and advice they need.

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Dispex continues to support practices by enabling continued staff development through our Tutor led Tutorials! 45mins - 1hr, subject driven training from our experienced and knowledgeable Tutors.

DispexCD Webinar



Attend our free webinar to hear the why and how! Join us to discover the benefits and advantages of our digital CD Register for your...

Free - non-members

Find our more: DispexCD Webinar

Practical Dispensary Management Part 1



What attendees will learn This tutorial will cover Management Techniques and how these can be applied in your dispensary, ensuring that you have an understanding...

£60 +VAT - non-members

Find our more: Practical Dispensary Management Part 1

Understanding Profitability Part 1



What attendees will learn: This course will give you insight in to why a strict Formulary is essential to profitability. Discussing Personally Administered items in more detail...

£ 60+VAT - non-members

Find our more: Understanding Profitability Part 1
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