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  • NOW LIVE-Dispensing for New Dispensers and Apprentices

    This course is accredited by the Dispensing Doctors’ Association!


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    The sections below cover all the relevant knowledge and skills needed to start out in a dispensing practice as either a new dispenser or an apprentice.

    1.  Dispensing – The Legal Stuff
    2. The Need for Accuracy
    3. The Prescription
    4. Preparing Prescriptions
    5. Owings and Ordering Stock
    6. Handing Out Prescriptions, Delivery Services and Filing Prescriptions
    7. Quality Standards -DSQS and SOPs
    8. Cold Chain and Handling Hazardous substances
    9. Controlled Drugs
    10. Controlled Drugs Waste Management
    11. Drug Alerts

    Apprentices recruited by Paragon will be eligible for free access to this 30 hour course which will give candidates the confidence to understand the complexities of dispensing and work in dispensaries. See the November Gazette for full details. To discuss employing an Apprentice, please contact Alistair Ling directly-

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  • Dispensing – Personally Administered Items and VAT in a Dispensing Doctor setting


    Auto-enrolment with an immediate start

     Fully online

     Study from anywhere, at any time

     Perfect for becoming more confident with PAs and VAT and ensuring your practice does not lose out on profit unnecessarily

     Great addition to your CV

     Receive an e-certificate upon completion

     Dispex CPD certified course

    Access a Comprehensive list of Personally Administered Items


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    1. NHS Business Service Authority Prescription Services (NHSBSA) and the VAT Equivalent

    To be able to distinguish a Personally Administered (PA) item easily

    To understand how NHSBSA Prescription Services (NHSBSA) distinguish PAs

    To understand how the NHSBSA reimburse the VAT equivalent on PAs

    To understand the dispensing and prescribing rules pertaining to PAs

    To gain easy access to a list of more commonly prescribed PAs as deemed by the NHSBSA


    2. HMRC and VAT on medications

    To understand how HMRC distinguish PAs items

    To understand how practices should deal with PAs for their VAT returns

    To understand the different categories of VAT and how they apply to medications dispensed by Dispensing Doctors


    3. NHSBSA Prescription Services and HMRC

    To explore the possible ways of dealing with PAs and VAT depending upon how PAs are interpreted by HMRC and by NHSBSA independently.

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