Set your CD registers free

The digital CD register you’ve been waiting for.

Nothing to install, easy to setup. Guaranteed to save you time and money

DispexCD runs on your computer's existing internet browser, allowing you to save space and eliminate the need for paper CD registers and CD returns registers. To view our FQA page please click here and to view our demo register click here. 

Just register online and get started in minutes, using the computers already in your
dispensary, or a tablet or smartphone.

One FREE account for Dispex members!!

  • no setup costs
  • no extra support costs
  • free 3-month trial period for non-members, followed by the option to join Dispex or subscribe to the platform only
Why switch from paper to electronic CD registers?
  • SAVE TIME - bring more efficiency to your dispensing process. It means you can potentially save hours per month  on the simple to use & time optimised system.
  • SAVE MONEY-Dispensaries save an average of £30 per month by using DispexCD instead of paper CD registers.
  • REDUCE ERRORS- By eliminating calculation errors and misread handwriting, dispensaries using DispexCD have fewer CD discrepancies and errors.
  • SAFE & SECURE- Multiple layers of security and encryption plus daily backups to protect your patient data.
  • USER-FRIENDLY- DispexCD has been built to be user-friendly, with an interface that just makes sense -no prior training needed.
  • FULLY COMPLIANT- DispexCD is fully legally compliant and supports NICE best practice for the management of controlled drugs.
  • FLEXIBLE - DispexCD fits around your existing SOPs and workflows, not the other way around. Adjustable settings help you customise DispexCD for your dispensary.
  • FREE for the duration of your DISPEX membership*
  • EXTRAS - includes Returns registers "best practice to record returns"
  • Please click HERE to read the DispexCD Terms & Conditions

Please click here for further details including a short YouTube video and a demo page!

Branch site(s) can also register for an annual fee of £216+vat after trial, contact the office for further details- sales@dispex.net