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At Dispex, we go far beyond just offering profitability guidance for your dispensary.
We also specialise 
in crafting tailor made training packages for your entire team.

Our diverse range of courses cater for Dispensers, Pharmacy Techs, Dispensary &
Practice Managers, Receptionists and GPs. Additionally, we provide training options
suitable for administrative and secretarial personnel, such as Stress Management,
DSE Risk Assessment, Fire Safety Principles and Performance Management.

Training for me…….

The Dispenser

The Dispensary Manager

The Pharmacy Tech

The Practice Manager

The GP

Administrative and secretarial personnel

2023 prices


Secure Your PCN Funding

The 2023-24 PCN DES Contract specification outlines a Leadership and management payment,
this translates to £17,100 per 20,000 patient PCN. C
lick here to read the updated DES contract
in full. 
Ensure you provide your PCN team with our email, we will
invoice your PCN for payment.

4 Steps to Free Training from Your PCN

1. Identify a leadership & management training requirement.

2. Find a relevant and suitable Dispex course- such as our online 7 course package.

3. Contact your PCN Lead and provide them with our email, we will invoice
your PCN for payment.

4. You will receive your training confirmation directly from Dispex.


Tutorial Bookings: online


Learner-led courses email:

Please email the office with the following details:

Course name or package:

Learner’s full name & @nhs email:

Invoice address:

Finance email:

2023 prices