The DES Specification Contract has been announced: Training Funding!!

Leadership and Management Training Funding

The 2024-25 PCN DES contract specification allows for a Leadership and Management payment, but this is
now combined into the core PCN Funding. Please click here to read the updated DES contract in full.

What does this mean?
It means that practices can utilise the PCN Funding payment to have training through Dispex for Leadership
& Management training for your Dispensary! Either as an individual practice or at PCN level.

4 Steps to Free Training from Your PCN via Dispex

  1. Identify a leadership & management training requirement.
  2. Find a relevant and suitable Dispex course- such as our 7-course leadership & management package
    (online learner-led) or our dispensary management profitability review (on-site training visit).
  3. Contact your PCN Clinical Director or Lead and provide them with your training request and our course
    information, plus our email . Practices can use this TEMPLATE LETTER to
    formalise their request with their PCN. It’s important to acknowledge that Dispex bears no
    responsibility for the decisions made by NHS England regarding funding payments. Each
    PCN functions differently with varying criteria for processing funding requests.
  4. You will receive your training confirmation directly from Dispex. Please note, Dispex holds no responsibility
    for NHS England’s decision on payments. Each PCN functions differently with varying criteria for processing
    funding requests.

7 courses package for £363 per member learner  or  £528 per non-member;

  • PAs & VAT
  • Induction of New Staff
  • Leading and Motivating a Team
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Controlled Drugs
  • Organising and Delegating
  • Performance Management
  • Understanding Leadership

Prices are per learner & include all 7 courses. Prices are inclusive of VAT. All courses must be completed
within 1 year of your enrolment date. For course descriptions click here.

Dispensary management profitability review

This involves a visit to your site, you will receive a thorough review of your dispensary by our experienced
Consultant, to help identify any causes for profit loss and opportunities for increased profitability.

Explanations will be provided on what, when & how to claim, correct procedures and processes, ordering
and maintaining stock, CD management, endorsing, concessions, end of month and any other areas of
profitability that requires guidance. Direction will be given on how to focus and ensure full value is potentially
added to improve the profitability within your own dispensary and then ensure your understanding and
confidence in implementing any changes that affects the profitability shortfall of the practice.

A final written Report summarising the outcomes is produced following the visit, highlighting the topics
discussed and any issues negatively affecting your Dispensary profits, including suggestions for improvement.

Please note, geographical restrictions apply. For further details and our prices, please email the Dispex team