Summer Tutorial Schedule 2022

We are pleased to announce our Summer schedule has been confirmed, and includes a brand new course
Medical Terminology, please click here for a course description. For the Summer we have also
combined the Dispensary Customer Service parts into one in-depth session, please click here for details.

Please note, it is not essential to attend course parts in order, as they have been designed to be stand-alone
sessions and the full learning benefit will still be achieved. Non-members are still able
to attend our tutorials
and can book online!

4th May – Understanding Profitability Part 1
5th May – Practical Dispensary Management Part 2
11th May – DispexCD Webinar (w) 1-2pm
18th May – Controlled Drugs Part 1
19th May – Medical Terminology
25th May – DSQS Guidance
26th May – Business Management of a Dispensary P1

1st June – Drug Tariff & Endorsing
2nd June – Practical Dispensary Management Part 3
8th June – DRUMS
9th June – TBC
15th June – Understanding Profitability Part 2
16th June – SOPs
21st June – NHSBSA Endorsing inc Referred Backs (w)1pm
22nd June – Controlled Drugs Part 2
23rd June – Business Management of a Dispensary P2
29th June – Medical Terminology

5th July – DispexCD Webinar (w) 1-2pm
6th July – DSQS Guidance
7th July – DRUMS
13th July – Controlled Drugs Part 1
14th July – Dispensary Customer Service
19th July – NHSBSA Batch & Switching (w) 1pm
20th July – Understanding Profitability Part 3
21st July – Business Management of a Dispensary P3
27th July – Practical Dispensary Management P3

3rd Aug – SOPs
4th Aug – TBC
31st Aug – Controlled Drugs Part 2

How to Book

Please book online here

Dispex members price: £45+vat     Non- members: £60+vat
(Per delegate-per session/part) W = free webinar