Staff Competency, Education & Training SOPs

Establishing a protocol for monitoring staff competency and education will foster an atmosphere of
continue professional development and growth. Through regular assessments, training programs,
and opportunities for further education, employees can expand their knowledge base, refine their
skills, and stay updated with the latest advancements in their fields. This proactive approach not
only benefits individual staff members by empowering them to excel in their roles,
but also
contributes to the overall patient care.

As part of the 2006 General Medical Services changes, the Dispensary Services Quality Scheme
(DSQS) was introduced. As you’ll be aware this scheme ensures Practices provide high quality
services to their dispensing patients. One element of the scheme relates to dispensary staff
training. The Dispex SOP (DPX-QC7) was produced to help ensure your practice meets the
minimum requirements of this particular element of DSQS.

Our SOP Staff Competency, Education & Training (DPX-QC7) covers:

  • Practice Responsibilities and Overview of Training
  • Level of minimum competency expected for each function performed by
    dispenser or staff working as a dispensary assistant
  • Existing Dispensary Staff
  • Trainee/New Dispensary Staff;

Any new dispensers must be enrolled on competency based training within 3 months of starting with the practice.

– All unqualified dispensers will be encouraged to embark upon dispensing courses available to primary care.
courses enable trainees to work at their own pace, working towards gaining NVQ Level Equivalent in
Pharmacy Services.

All new dispensary staff must complete, or have completed within the last 5 years at a GP dispensary or
community pharmacy, 1000 hours supervised work
experience in the dispensary. Any leave, such as sickness
or holiday, will not count towards the 1000 hours
work experience.

Non-medical staff who assist within the dispensary on an occasional or limited basis.

  • Known Risks

Dispex members’ can click here to login and download our full SOPs library. Additionally, members’ can
here for a dispensary staff competencies check-sheet! There are variations in the way Practices run
their Dispensaries, our templates provide guidelines based on DSQS Minimum Requirements. You will
need to tailor and adapt the content to your own circumstances and adjust each one to reflect the way
your own Dispensary operates.

Dispex recommends that you practice the SOP for a few weeks and then review with your staff to decide
whether it is working or if there are areas which need to be improved.

All relevant dispensary staff will need to read and sign the SOPs to show that they understand what it
means. This is a good opportunity to identify competencies and for you to offer training and develop
your staff. Dispex Ltd can accept no responsibility for the way in which these Templates may be used
by Practices.