Practice Recruitment

Several factors contribute to the growing challenge of practices retaining and filling various job roles.
Primary care is facing significant strain, particularly after another demanding winter. Moreover, with
the sustained economic hardship more practice, dispensary, and admin staff are being temped away
from Primary Care to roles in other industries that provide higher pay and potentially less stress.

Numerous stories are making headlines, depicting prescribing practices compelled to either shut down
or scale back their operating hours due to the challenges of filling vacancies. The NHS Employers site
offers an online guide to
Improving staff retention and they also offer a Beating burnout in the NHS guide.

If your practice is encountering difficulties in filling vacancies and traditional methods have proven
unsuccessful, consider exploring our service named
Practice Vacancies!

For a small fee of £125+vat, we will provide practices with two banner spaces advertising the vacant role.
One banner advert will be included in our monthly Gazette
email header and one will be included in the
mid-month update newsletter.

Our Gazette reaches many within the Primary Care community, therefore it should reach more qualified
people than a local newspaper would. Dispex will only be acting as a marketing agent and will NOT be
in any part of the recruitment process. If a potential applicant should contact Dispex, we would
only direct them to your online job application webpage or to your email.

Please find below a banner example. The click through can be linked to your email address or your online
job description and application form. For further details please email