NEW to Practice -Dispex Training Package

Unravelling Dispensing for GPs and Nurses

Dispex has assembled a collection of online courses suitable for GPs and Nurses new to Primary Care,
particularly those involved in dispensing practices. Our online courses offer a tailored and comprehensive
learning experience, offering flexibility to accommodate the demanding schedules of both GPs and Nurses.
The learner-led approach enables a thorough exploration of each subject, allowing participants to pace
their learning over weeks or even months, with a timeframe of up to 12 months to successfully complete
each course.


GPs and Nurses new to practice should be able to fund the Dispex package through the The
New to Practice Fellowship
(N2P) scheme if they meet the N2P criteria.


Dispex Courses:

  • Dispensing for New Dispensers and Apprentices
  • Controlled Drugs
  • PAs and VAT
  • Prescription Clerk training
  • Performance Management
  • Organising and Delegating

Please click here for each course description.

Dispex Members:£450 (inc vat) per learner   Non-Members: £900(inc vat) per learner


Secure your N2P Funding

Should our courses be of interest to a new GP or Nurse that has recently joined your practice, please share
the Dispex training flyer and course description link with the
N2P team. Once your request for funding has been approved by N2P, please contact the Dispex office via
email. Dispex will invoice your practice. Once the invoice has been settled, the learner will be enrolled onto
the package. Alternatively, the practice can self-fund the training package if the learner doesn’t meet the
N2P criteria.

N2P website

Dispex Customer Service:


T: 01604 859000 (10am-1pm)