Making Sense of Personally Administered Items and VAT- Unravelling the Mystery

A Comprehensive Guide to Personally Administered Items & VAT for Dispensing Practices


This auto-marked programme will give you the knowledge you need to understand PAs and VAT in a dispensing doctor setting. This comprehensive course is suitable for those that already have some experience with PAs and VAT.

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✓ Auto-enrolment with an immediate start

✓ Four hours of educational content

✓ Fully online

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✓ Great addition to your CV

✓ Receive a certificate upon completion


Part one aim:

  • To be able to distinguish a Personally Administered (PA) item easily
  • To understand how NHSBSA Prescription Services (NHSBSA) distinguish PAs
  • To understand how the NHSBSA reimburse the VAT equivalent on PAs
  • To understand the dispensing and prescribing rules pertaining to PAs
  • To gain easy access to a list of more commonly prescribed PAs as deemed by the NHSBSA

Part two aim:

  • To understand how HMRC distinguish PAs items
  • To understand how practices should deal with PAs for their VAT returns
  • To understand the different categories of VAT and how they apply to medications dispensed by Dispensing Doctors (DDs)

Part three aim:

  • To explore the possible ways of dealing with PAs and VAT depending upon how PAs are interpreted by HMRC and by NHSBSA independently.

£90 inc VAT -Per Dispex member   £180 inc VAT – Per Non-member

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