Hay Fever Formulary 2023

Hay Fever Formulary 2023

Whilst patients are encouraged to self-medicate, many dispensing patients do not have easy access to over-the-counter medications and thus rely on prescriptions from their doctors. In addition, some of the patients who have self-medicated may be looking for more effective medication, which is often only available as a POM (Prescription Only Medication).

Ocular Anti-histamines

There are a number of ocular preparations available, but you may notice that the price of generic Sodium Cromoglycate is now very low. The generic can only be prescribed in a pack size of 13.5ml. All Sodium Cromoglycate 10ml pack size prescriptions MUST be prescribed by brand, or the script will be returned.

Prescribe Manufacturer Pack Size Basic Price
Sodium Cromoglycate 13.5ml Pack Size
Sodium Cromoglycate Generic 13.5Ml £2.23
Opticrom Sanofi 13.5Ml £8.03
Sodium Cromoglycate AAH AAH 13.5Ml £6.14
Sodium Cromoglycate Alliance Alliance 13.5Ml £6.14
Eycrom Aspire 13.5Ml £8.03
Sodium Cromoglycate 10ml Pack Size
Aspire Allergy Relief Aspire 10ml £3.35
Murine Prestige 10ml £2.91
Numark Numark 10ml £2.42
Opticrom Sanofi 10ml £3.50
Sodium Cromoglycate AAH 10ml £4.55
Optrex Reckitt    Benckiser 10ml £3.88
Opatanol Novartis 5Ml £4.68
Relestat Abbvie 5Ml £9.90
Optilast Viatris 8Ml £6.40
Zaditen Thea 5Ml £7.80
Alomide Novartis 10Ml £5.21
Otrivine-Antistin Thea 10ml £3.35
Voltarol eye drops Thea 5ml £6.68


The Brand Comparisons on the Dispex website show the difference in profitability for all the above products.


Nasal Steroids

For some products it is best to prescribe generically and for others it may be best to look for Parallel Imports to offset any losses. Note that if Fluticasone is prescribed in a pack size of 120 doses, then you MUST dispense Avamys.

The list below gives an overview of prices. Members can check the impact of the discounts on the Brand Comparisons page on the Dispex website.

Prescribe Manufacturer Doses Basic Price
Steroid nasal sprays
Beclometasone 200 £2.73
Beconase GSK 200 £2.63
Nasobec TEVA 200 £1.99
Avamys GSK 120 £6.44
Flixonase GSK 150 £11.01
Nasofan TEVA 150 £8.04
Fluticasone 150 £11.01
Mometasone 140 £2.76
Nasonex MSD 140 £7.68
Nasacort Sanofi 120 £7.39
Dymista Viatris 120 £14.80
Ryaltris Glenmark 240 £13.32


Systemic Antihistamines

Most prescriptions for non-sedating antihistamines will be for generic cetirizine, loratadine or fexofenadine. Some generic antihistamines will make a loss after clawback. Second or third line use of Ilaxten from A.Menarini may be a good option when other products do not work.

The list below gives an overview of prices. Check you generic prices as profit can still be made.

Prescribe Manufacturer Legal category Doses Basic Price
Cetirizine 10mg tabs  Generic GSL, P, POM* 30 £0.82
Levocetirizine 5mg tabs  Generic POM 30 £4.37
Loratadine 10mg tabs  Generic GSL, P, POM* 30 £0.86
Desloratidine 5mg tabs  Generic POM 30 £3.52
Fexofenadine 120mg tabs  Generic POM 30 £1.49
Fexofenadine 180mg tabs  Generic POM 30 £2.07
Ilaxten 20mg tabs (Bilastine) A.Menarini POM 30 £6.00
* Depends on pack size


Information supplied by Hexagon6 Ltd