Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips
By Kirstye- Dispex Tutor


During this time of ever-increasing energy costs, we need to now more than ever, look at ways of saving
energy in the warmer months ahead at your Practice.

There are some simple things that can be looked at, to try and help reduce energy wastage.

  • Check all room temperatures to make sure that you aren’t cooling spaces excessively.
    It is recommended that the temperature in your practice should be between 19°C and 24°C.
  • Encourage the team to dress appropriately for the agreed temperature. If their uniform is too
    warm in summer for instance, it is much more cost effective to suggest white t-shirts than it is
    to have air conditioning on all day, when it may not be needed.
  • Ensure staff are not unnecessarily opening windows and doors whilst the air conditioning is on.
  • Part of ‘end of day tasks’ should involve checking the appropriate A/C and lights are switched off.
  • Get thermostats checked, to make sure they are working correctly and are located away from
    direct sunlight and draughts.
  • Can equipment be turned off when not being used and power saving modes enabled? Double
    check what can and can’t within the Practice.
  • Ensure all Practice fridges are properly located away from heat sources such as windows in
    summer, so they are not being worked excessively hard.
  • The main cost of office equipment or fridges is in the ongoing running costs. Are there more
    energy efficient models that can be invested in to save money in the long run?

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