DSQS Are You Ready?

Jan 23


If you are yet to complete your DRUMS for the year, then set aside a target of hitting this by the
end of January. Utilise any promo material you have to encourage participation from your eligible
patients and engage the dispensary team. Have a big stack of DRUM forms beside the dispensary
hatch or window and complete with all eligible patients at the point of collecting medicines! 
to DRUMS or need a recap? T
hen consider enrolling on our 2 hour learner-led DRUMS course- click
here for details.


Dispensing Team Training

With the Dispensary Services Quality Scheme (DSQS) deadline looming, we highly recommend you check
your current appraisals and training plans, to ensure your whole dispensary team has taken part in their
required professional training.

Following another challenging year, there’s a good chance you will find gaps in your records! If you do find
a shortfall there’s no need to panic, as Dispex has numerous relevant “bitesize” tutorials available, between
now and the end of March. We have a wide range of subjects on offer and all are conveniently hosted over
the lunchtime period!

If you are all up-to-date, congratulations, but while you’re on target why not stay ahead of the game and
schedule your CPD objectives for 2023/24? With over 83 hours’ worth of professional training available,
Dispex can help you and your team achieve your training targets, with our one-stop-shop. We offer training
opportunities for Apprentices, New Dispensers, Senior Dispensers, Dispensary Managers, Practice Managers,
Finance Managers and GPs via our tutorials, online interactive courses and in-house training. When you
consider the apprenticeship training via Paragon Skills, the available CPD hours jump into the hundreds!

Leadership & Management Package:
£330 per member learner I £480 per non-member

  • PAs & VAT
  • Induction of New Staff
  • Leading and Motivating a Team
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Controlled Drugs
  • Organising and Delegating
  • Performance Management
  • Understanding Leadership
    Prices are per learner & include all 7 courses. Prices are inclusive of VAT. All courses must be completed
    within 1 year of your enrolment date. For course descriptions click here.

PCN Leadership & Management Funding is Available: If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it- click here


New to the DSQS scheme? Then please click here for our brief overview. For a more in-depth introduction
it would be worth considering booking onto our next DSQS Guidance tutorial, which is taking place on the
8th February 1-2pm!

Even though DSQS relates to the competency and CPD for those working within the dispensary, there’s no
reason why you can’t extend CPD training to staff outside the dispensary also! Utilise their non-dispensing
capabilities and inspire them to develop and up-skill. Investing in the whole practice will help ensure an
overall high competency standard and improved patient experience.