DDA Annual Conference 2024: Delegate Booking Opens 15 April 2024


The DDA Conference will once again be held at the Burlington Hotel Events Centre, Birmingham on
the 25th and 26th of September 2024. There are already 34 Exhibitors booked and the programme
promises two days of informative talks as well as the DDA Quiz. Topics being covered by expert
speakers include CQC and the new inspection regime – how this might impact Dispensing practices,
Supply Issues, Resources available including the SPS (Specialist Pharmacy Service), Regulations,
and concludes with Mark Stone presenting on Fighting the Financial Fright of

General Practice where he will cover:

  • The influence of politics and the economy on the key income drivers of practices
  • The mounting pressure of patient needs and increasing expectations in a post COVID world
  • Snowballing business costs
  • Staff = how to…. Turn your largest cost into your greatest asset
  • Less fright – more bright!

Click Here for more information about the Conference and to view the programme – Remember to Register
from 15th April 2024.

The Dispex team is thrilled to showcase our profitability tools and provide you with a firsthand experience of
our digital CD platform, DispexCD. Join us to explore our dispensary supplies and seize the opportunity to ask
the team your questions in person! Don’t miss our Director, Dr Ankit Kant, speaking on Wednesday,
the 28th!