Controlled Drugs SOPs

The process of prescribing and dispensing controlled drugs is highly regulated, with their
potential for abuse and misuse, it requires stringent protocols to ensure patient safety and
prevent illicit distribution.

While we acknowledge that our readers may already have robust CD SOPs in place, it is
crucial to assess whether your current SOP encompass all aspects of the process.
Additionally, it is important to consider how frequently these are reviewed and updated
to align with evolving regulations and best practices. At Dispex, we offer SOPs specifically
designed to assist you in ensuring that all prescriptions conform to the principles of good
practice & comprehensive record-keeping.

Please find below key sections for each SOP, members can login to download in full:

CD1 CD Prescriptions

  • Mandatory information that a schedule 2 & 3 printed or handwritten prescription must include
  • Known risks

CD2 CD Ordering and Receipt

  • Ordering of Controlled Drugs process
  • Receipt of schedule 2 Controlled Drugs for practice stock or patient when making any entry into the
    paper CD register (also refer to SOP CD Record keeping)
  • When making an entry on digital CD register (also refer to SOP CD Record keeping)
  • Safe storage (also refer to SOP CD Storage)
  • Known risks

CD3 CD Storage

  • Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs that must be recorded in a Controlled Drugs Register and locked securely in
    Controlled Drug Cupboard/safe
  • Storage of schedule 2 Controlled Drugs
  • Storage of schedule 3 Controlled drugs
  • Missing CD keys
  • Storing CDs in the cabinet/safe
  • Known risks

CD4 CD Dispensing a Schedule 2 or 3 CD

  • Dispensing schedule 2 CDs
  • Dispensing schedule 3 CDs
  • Known risks

CD5 CD Dispensing CD Instalment Prescription

  • Dispensing & record keeping of NHS and private prescriptions of Controlled Drugs in instalments
    (Methadone & Buprenorphine)
  • Handing out
  • Supervised consumption
  • Private CD instalment prescriptions
  • Known risks

CD6 CD Handing Out

  • Guidance & process
  • Known risks

CD7 CD Record Keeping

  • Accurate Controlled Drugs records as defined by the Misuse of Drugs Act 2001
  • Record keeping guidance
  • Private CD prescription records
  • CD prescription audit trail
  • CD register user guidance
  • When making any entry into the paper CD register
  • When making an entry on a digital CD register
  • Transferring CDs to a new CD register
  • CD audits
  • Known risks

CD8 CD Disposal of CD’s

  • Procedure for patient returned Controlled Drugs
  • Procedure for out of date schedule 2 Controlled Drugs
  • The person destroying the CDs
  • Known risks

All SOPs must be personalised to your dispensary! Members can click here to download!