Your PCN’s Training Funding Pot is Waiting for You!!

Leadership & Management Funding

3 Steps to Free Training

1. Identify a leadership & management training requirement.
2. Contact your PCN Lead and provide them with our email, we will
invoice your PCN for payment.
3. You will receive your training access directly from Dispex.

Leadership & Management Package:
£330 per member learner I £480 per non-member

  • PAs & VAT
  • Induction of New Staff
  • Leading and Motivating a Team
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Controlled Drugs
  • Organising and Delegating
  • Performance Management
  • Understanding Leadership

Prices are per learner & include all 7 courses. Prices are inclusive of VAT. All courses must be completed
within 1 year of your enrolment date. For course descriptions click here.

Complete any course in your own time and at your own pace.

Secure PCN funding

The 2023-24 PCN DES Contract specification outlines a Leadership and management payment, this translates to £17,100 per 20,000 patient PCN. Click here to read the updated DES contract in full. Ensure you provide your PCN team with our email, we will invoice your
PCN for payment.