We’ve Listened – join us for a comprehensive tutorial on Endorsing

Given the substantial volume of enquiries we have received from our members regarding endorsing and
its intricacies, we’ve developed a focused lunchtime tutorial!

Managing endorsements has always been a significant responsibility, but with the recent surge in
medication price changes, it’s become even more crucial to ensure appropriate endorsement
practices. Our NEW course will solidify your understanding of correct endorsements and outline
the best practices to follow.

Recent findings indicate that merely 14% of the endorsements presently included on prescriptions impact
the reimbursement received from the NHSBSA. This means that a significant 86% of endorsements have
NO effect on your income whatsoever.
Don’t waste your time or the time of the NHSBSA team!

Topics Covered:

  • Drug Tariff Part II Clause 9
  • SPECIALS – Endorsing Rules
  • Part IX Appliances
  • Out of Pocket Expenses and Broken Bulk
  • Part VIIIA
  • Serious Shortages Protocol (SSP)
  • Endorsing Rules
  • Part XV Borderline Substances
  • Changing Prescriptions vs Endorsing
  • Generics costing more than tariff


17th July- Endorsing for Dispensing Practices
16th Oct- Endorsing for Dispensing Practices
11th Dec- Endorsing for Dispensing Practices

Time: 1-2pm


Dispex Members: £50+vat pp      Non- Members: £75+vat pp