Upcoming DRUM Deadline

Is your team ready?!


As the deadline for your DRUM submission looms, please ensure all patients
collecting prescriptions in December have a DRUMs form attached, if they
haven’t already completed one. Maximising this opportunity and ensuring
your patients’ adherence to prescribed medications is of the upmost
importance. Don’t forget to emphasise the significance of promptly returning
completed forms
straight after the Christmas holidays!

But is your team ready? It’s advisable to ensure that your team are thoroughly
confident in completing a DRUM,
particularly any new members of staff or those
that haven’t conducted one in a while. Even with the ticking clock, individuals in
need of training still have time to undertake our 2 hour online learner-led DRUMs

Members’ can enrol for only £24 inc vat pp. To sign up please email the office:
training@dispex.net. Furthermore, we are hosting a DSQS course on the 17th
January 2024, please click here for details.