Training for Prescription Clerks in Primary Care-NOW LIVE


We are pleased to introduce our latest interactive course Training for Prescription Clerks in Primary Care. This new course is aimed at both new and experienced Prescription Clerks as well as Receptionists who occasionally process repeat prescription requests and is CPD Certified. This auto-marked programme will give you the information and understanding needed to be an integral part of the primary care team and will allow you to become more confident in your job.

Course Objectives (6 hours)

1. To understand confidentiality, Information Governance and GDPR Regulations

2. To learn about the roles and responsibilities of staff handling prescription requests

3. To learn about the different types of prescriptions and their regulations

4. To understand the ways of requesting repeat prescriptions

5. To look at the journey of a prescription from request to completion

6. To ensure accurate communication with all involved in the prescription process

7. To be able to deal with significant events and near misses

Dispex Members: AVAILABLE FOR JUST £60pp*
Non-Members: £120pp


✓ Auto-enrolment with an immediate start
✓CERTIFIED by The CPD Certification Service
✓ Six hours of educational content
✓ Fully online
✓ Study from anywhere, at any time
✓ Perfect for an introduction to a subject or a subject refresher
✓ Great addition to your CV
✓ Receive a certificate upon completion
✓Suitable for Prescription Clerks & Receptionists based in both dispensing AND
prescribing branches
* Dispex members will need to contact the office for a discount code- 




FREE Intro Session!

We are offering all Prescription Clerks, Receptionists and Practice Managers the opportunity to attend our free 30 minute introduction webinar! This session will summarise the objectives of our new Prescription Clerks course and explain why it’s beneficial for the individual and the whole team!

Wednesday, 23rd Feb 12.00-12.30pm – Click here to book
Wednesday, 20th April 12.00-12.30pm- Click here to book
(Register and pay for the online course before or after the free webinar)

Click here to book your free place

The online course and intro sessions are suitable for Prescription Clerks & Receptionists based in both dispensing AND prescribing branches!