Tailored In-house & Private Zoom Training

Our 3-4 hour face-to-face training session allows full interaction with the learners & usually involves
‘hands on’ interactive tasks. We tailor our CDs, Drug Tariff & Endorsing, Maintaining Dispensary
Accuracy, Business Management, Dispensary Customer Service, DRUMS (etc) courses for your
dispensary! Geographical restrictions apply, if we can’t visit you in person we can deliver the
same session via a private Zoom booking.

Member discount per session

For further details, please email training@dispex.net

Are you aware that your local Training Hub, supported by HEE,
has easily accessible funding available for your training requirements,
including those from 

Step 1:

  • identify a CPD training need during your appraisals?
  • recognise a ‘near miss’ or dispensing incident to address?
  • increase individual & team knowledge/skills to improve confidence & performance?

Step 2:

Visit the Dispex website and find the Tutorial, Online learning module or on-site training course that
would benefit your team. Alternatively, email 
training@dispex.net for further details.

Step 3:

Find your local Training Hub online & apply for help with funding your Dispex training.
Dispex is already an approved provider for multiple Training Hubs! Please note, Hubs operate
differently and approval requirements may vary. 
Watch this HEE video for details.

Zoom Tutorials & In-House Subjects

  • Controlled Drugs Part
  • Drug Tariff & Endorsing
  • DSQS Guidance
  • Managing your Dispensary
  • Dispensary Customer Service
  • SOPs
  • Medical Terminology
  • Profitability in Dispensing Practice – PAs & VAT, Stock Control & Purchasing
  • Practical Dispensary Management – Role, Responsibilities, Processes & Staff