Shortage of Estradiol (Sandrena) 1mg gel sachets-Medicines Supply Tool update

Source: * 16th May 22
Supply returning
1Low impact
31 May 2022
07 – Obstetrics, Gynae & Urinary Tract Disorders06 – Endocrine System

Medicines affected

Sandrena 1mg gel sachets (Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd) 91 sachet                          31 May 2022
Sandrena 1mg gel sachets (Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd) 28 sachet                         31 May 2022
Sandrena 500microgram gel sachets (Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd)  28 sachet    31 May 2022


Use other available HRT products where appropriate.

Considerations and background


Orion Pharma are out of stock of all strengths of sandrena gel sachets until late May 2022.

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Impact tiers

1Low impact

These supply issues are likely to carry low risk and management options and should result in patients being maintained on the same licensed medicine.

2Medium impact

These supply issues will require more intense manage options (such as using therapeutic alternatives, unlicensed imports or alternative strengths or formulations), which may carry a greater risk to patients/health providers than Tier 1 issues, but which are considered safe to be implemented at sub-regional level without further escalation.

3High impact

These supply issues will be more critical, with potential change in clinical practice or patient safety implications that require clinical or operational direction to the system. They will be expected to generate public and clinician concern. The response will be nationally coordinated and guided and the NHS may invoke its Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR) function.

4Critical impact

These supply issues will require additional support from outside the health system and will trigger the use of dedicated national NHS EPRR incident processes and procedures in order to provide additional support for the management of the shortage. Clear links and command and control mechanisms between the Medical Devices and Clinical Consumables Clinical Response Group, NHSE&I Central EU Exit Team, EPRR functions at both NHSE&I and ORC/DHSC, and Cabinet Office will be utilised.

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