Retrospective Top Up Payments for Concession Prices

The first list of Retrospective Top Up payments has been published in the April Drug Tariff.

Every quarter, a retrospective top-up payment to the concessionary prices granted three
quarters before
will be paid. The top-up will be applied automatically for the products
listed in Part VIIIE each quarter by
the NHS Business Services Authority, according to
the volume the contractor was paid for, in the month that the margin survey indicates
the concessionary price paid that month was such an under payment, compared to the
average price paid by contractors
to suppliers that it warrants ‘topping up’.

The following table lists the products and the prices which will be applied to those products,
but only in
that month.

The NHS Business Services Authority will automatically apply a top-up and you do not need
to make a claim for this additional payment. These payments should be added to the Basic
Price in your end of April Drug Statement – note that the Discount Abatement (Clawback)
will also automatically apply
to these additional sums.


Month applicable                     Product for top-up                                                                     Top-up amount

April 2023                                   Pramipexole 180microgram tablets (30 pack)                           £5.33
July 2023                                    Itraconazole 100mg capsules (15 pack)                                        £6.73
July 2023                                    Pantoprazole 40mg gastro-resistant tablets (28 pack)             £2.60
July 2023                                    Paracetamol 500mg effervescent tablets (100 pack)                 £3.93
August 2023                               Atomoxetine 10mg capsules (28 pack)                                         £10.39
August 2023                               Atomoxetine 25mg capsules (28 pack)                                         £7.74
September 2023                       Docusate 50mg/5ml oral solution sugar free (300ml pack)     £2.84