Retrospective top-up payment for Concessionary prices

Source: NHSBSA

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is introducing a new ‘Retrospective top-up payment for Concessionary prices’ which will apply from April 2024.

Every quarter, where considered appropriate by DHSC in consultation with Community Pharmacy England (CPE), a retrospective top-up payment to the concessionary prices granted three quarters before will be paid. The top-up will be applied automatically for the products listed in Part VIIIE each quarter by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), according to the volume the contractor was paid for, in the month that the margin survey indicates the concessionary price paid that month was such an under payment compared to the average price paid by contractors to suppliers that it warrants ‘topping up’.

This table shows which payment will reflect which months activity.
Items dispensed in the following months Top-up payment month
April – June January in the following year
July – September April in the following year
October – December July in the following year
January – March October in the same year

The first retrospective top up paid in April 2024 will reflect activity during April to September 2023 and will appear in July’s Schedule of Payment.

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