Ocular Lubricants – Beware of Generics!

Ocular Lubricants

Many of you sharp-eyed dispensers will have noticed that there has been a recent change in how
Ocular lubricants are listed in the Drug Tariff. Many of the lubricants used to be listed both in Part
XIII and as Appliances in Part IX. Some of you will have been receiving returns from NHSBSA asking
which particular brand has been dispensed when you have sent a script for a generic ocular lubricant.

Most of these products are now only in Part IX, Appliances- Eye Products, and as such appear under
their brand name with the brand price. This means that almost all Ocular Lubricants must now be
prescribed by brand. There are a very few Ocular Lubricants (Carbomer being the main one) which
are in the Part VIII of the Drug Tariff and as such may be prescribed generically. If prescribed
generically, they MUST be prescribed with the strength, Unit Dose, Preservative

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