Nutritional Supplements Assorted Flavours

By Dispex

Missed Dispensing Fees for Services Rendered

If you kindly extend a selection of assorted flavours to your patients to ensure patient
compliance and satisfaction, ensure you are compensated for providing this service.

In the realm of dispensing doctors, the pursuit of patient compliance stands as an
essential objective for optimal treatment outcomes, as well as fostering a culture of
patient-centred care. However, amidst the noble efforts of prioritising patient satisfaction
and adherence through the provision of assorted flavours, it is important for practices to
also consider the financial implications of such endeavours.

In the given context, you are eligible to receive compensation of five dispensing fees, if
prescribed correctly. It is important that you ensure your GPs are prescribing assorted
flavours for those patients who prefer a mixture, so the maximum number of dispensing
fees can be claimed. If you prescribe starter packs, then you will automatically get 4-6
dispensing fees depending upon which brand of nutritional supplement you prescribe.
The rule of thumb should be – all Nutritional supplements must either be prescribed as
“starter packs”, named flavours (strawberry, mocha etc) or “assorted flavours” within
the main body of the script. If they do NOT and you still affably dispense assorted, only
dispensing fee will be reimbursed!

Please note: according to the NHSBSA flavours not specified is NOT an indication of
assorted flavours and will be returned to you for correction as there is no price in the DM+D!

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