NHS England has brought forward the start of the Covid and flu vaccination season

Source: NHS England 30.8.23

NHS England are also prioritising care home residents, due to concerns over the new Covid variant BA.2.86.


In light of the changes in risk balance from a new COVID-19 variant set out above, flu and COVID-19
vaccination for adults should now be brought forward for this year to start in September to maximise
uptake of both vaccines. For providers, this means that:

• From 11 September 2023, systems must start vaccination for care home residents and those who
are housebound. We are asking systems to ensure that all residents are vaccinated before 22
October 2023.

• From 11 September 2023, COVID-19 and flu vaccinations can commence for those eligible via
Local Booking Systems (LBS), starting with those who are most at risk, including those who are
immunosuppressed, in the usual way.

• On 18 September 2023, this will be complemented by the National Booking System (NBS) which
will become available to allow eligible people to book a COVID-19 vaccination online (using NHS.uk),
via the NHS App or by calling 119. National COVID-19 vaccination invitations will also start from 18


Financial support

In addition to the financial arrangements set out in the Autumn 2023 GP and CP enhanced service
specifications, and Standard Contract schedules, interim arrangements to support programme acceleration
will be put in place to recognise additional administrative, organisation and delivery costs. Commissioned
providers will now be eligible to claim:

• An additional acceleration payment of £10 (in addition to the IoS fee) for each COVID-19 vaccination
administered to care home residents between Monday 11 September and Sunday 22 October 2023 inclusive;

• A separate one-off additional payment of £200 for each Completed Care Home by 23.59hrs on Sunday
22 October 2023 that is confirmed to the Commissioner by the submission of a live time survey no later
than 23.59hrs on Sunday 29 October 2023.

To support the acceleration of COVID-19 vaccinations to other eligible cohorts:

• An additional £5 acceleration payment (in addition to the IoS fee) will be made available for each
COVID-19 vaccination administered to eligible people between 11 September and 31 October 2023
(excluding care home residents, housebound people, and any health and care worker vaccinations
commissioned under the NHS Standard Contract).

The COVID-19 vaccination primary care service specifications and NHS Standard Contract schedules
will be updated to reflect the financial arrangements outlined above in line with usual processes

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