Next Drug Tariff & Endorsing Tutorial: 14th September


We appreciate how busy your dispensary can be, especially during the Summer holidays,
but we also understand that everyone still needs to complete training for their DSQS
requirements. Therefore, why not consider booking a convenient 1 hour tutorial delivered
over Zoom?

Our tutorials are very popular as they conveniently run over the lunchtime period, so no-one
has to leave the Surgery or they can be attended from home!


What attendees will learn 

By the end of this course you will have achieved an understanding of: What the Drug Tariff is, a full explanation of how it affects dispensing doctor remuneration and which parts are relevant to dispensing doctors. Using the online and paper version of the Drug Tariff and NHSBSA updates.

NHSBSA Suggestion:

As part of your CPD a useful exercise would be to look in the previous three months’ Drug Tariffs and compile a list of all medical devices which have been deleted and when. You can use this as part of your CPD for the current year. You should write up your findings and reflect on how deletions of medical devices could [or should?] affect your purchasing SOPs.

We would recommend that someone in the dispensary, or perhaps this is a shared task, keeps a track on appliances which are due to be deleted from the Drug Tariff. A list can be produced on a rolling basis in order that the dispensary manager can plan stock ordering properly and to run down any excess stock ahead of the planned month of deletion.

Who should attend: 

GP’s, Practice & Dispensary Managers and Dispensary staff



Prices: £45+vat members  £60+vat non-members pp

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