NEWS FLASH: Concession Price -Nov 2023: Final Update

Members’ Service

The DHSC has updated Concession prices for  November (30th).  Dispex members can login to our
website to see the updates all together in one place, and in alphabetical order!

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Claim Your PCN Leadership & Management Training Funding 

If you don’t use it, you lose it: you do not need to complete your courses before the
deadline, just secure your funding and enrol before the 31st March 2024!

4 Steps to Free Training

1. Identify a leadership & management training requirement.
2 Check-out Dispexs’ leadership & management courses, select the most relevant courses
for your needs.
3. Contact your PCN Lead and provide them with our email, once they have approved your request
 we will invoice your PCN for payment.  Please also, notify the Dispex office of your interest.
3. You will receive your training access directly from Dispex.