New Member Benefit: Dispex SOPs

DISPEX SOP Templates are Now Available

Dispex are pleased to announce that we now have our SOPs Templates accessible to all Dispex members.
SOPs are a vital part of the DSQS requirements and an important element to ensure safe and quality
practice and procedures are followed by all members of staff.

Our Templates will provide a guide, according to the DSQS requirements minimum, for you to amend
as relevant
to your own Dispensary. You will be able to customise and adapt the procedures content to
your own circumstances and adjust each one, to reflect the way your own Dispensary operates, within
the recommended guidelines. The following SOPs Templates are available (highlighted in blue) or in


DPX No* Name of SOP
D1 Dispensary Cleaning Available-login
D2 Room Temperature Monitoring Available-login
D3 Refrigerator Monitoring – temperature, cleaning & failure Available-login
D4 Cold Chain Available-login
D5 Dispensary Confidentiality Available-login
QC1 Ordering & Storage of Medication Under development
QC2 Stock Control, Cleaning Shelves & Expiry Dates Under development
QC3 Disposal of Medication Under development
QC4 Near Miss & Significant Event Reporting Available-login
QC5 Risk Management Policy Under development
QC6 Receiving Patient Returns Medicine Under development
QC7 Staff Competency, Education and Training Available-login
QC8 Disruptions to Normal Working Conditions Available-login
QC9 Uncollected Dispensed Medicines Under development
QC10 Prep & Submission of FP34D Monthly Return Available-login
QC11 Home Delivery Service – Normal Operations Available-login
QC12 Dispensary Audit Under development
QC13 DRUMS – Medication Review Under development
QC14 DSQS Under development
QC15 Preparing and Reviewing SOPs Under development
P1 Prescription/Controlled Stationery – Ordering, Receipt & Security Under development
P2 Assessment  & Issuing a Prescription Request Under development
P3 Assembling a Repeat Prescription Under development
P4 Assembling an Acute Prescription Under development
P5 Checking of a Prescription Under development
P6 Labelling Under development
P7 Accuracy Checking & Bagging Under development
P8 Owings Under development
P9 Storage of Dispensed Medicines Under development
P10 Handing Out a Prescription Under development
P11 Monitored Dosage Systems Available-login
P12 The Prescription Reverse Available-login
P13 Private Prescriptions Available-login
High Risk Medicines
HR1 Lithium Under development
HR2 Amiodarone Under development
HR3 Warfarin Under development
HR4 Azathioprine Under development
HR5 Leflunomide Under development
HR6 Methotrexate Under development
CD1 CD Prescriptions Available-login
CD2 CD Ordering and Receipt Available-login
CD3 CD Storage Available-login
CD4 CD Dispensing a Schedule 2 or 3 CD Under development
CD5 CD Dispensing CD Instalment Prescription Under development
CD6 CD Handing Out Available-login
CD7 CD Record Keeping Under development
CD8 CD Disposal of CD’s Under development


Development SOPs will be released regularly, to add to your library, so please ensure you visit the website
and check you have all that you need to fulfil your DSQS obligations as well as to provide all staff with the
and confidence to complete their duties in a consistent, reliable manner. You can find the
SOPs library