NEW for 2021 Dispex Education- Flexible online interactive learning

Here at Dispex Education, we offer a wide variety of engaging and relevant online courses to meet the needs and requirements of all Dispensing Doctors’ staff, whether you are an Apprentice, New Dispenser, Experienced Dispenser, Dispensary Manager, Practice Manager or Dispensing Doctor.

Dispex Education provides flexible online interactive learning, allowing you to complete any course in your
time and at your own pace. Each module is followed by an interactive quiz, students will need to pass
all in-order to achieve the final
certificate. However, students will have the opportunity to reflect and retake
each quiz.

Our first topics include: Personally Administered Items & VAT, Conflict Management, COSHH Risk
Assessment, Organising and Delegating, Stress Management and much more.
Training for New Dispensers
and Apprentices and Prescription Clerks will follow shortly!

A Comprehensive Guide to Personally Administered Items & VAT for Dispensing Practices

Four hours of educational content

Part one aim:

  • To be able to distinguish a Personally Administered (PA) item easily
  • To understand how NHSBSA Prescription Services (NHSBSA) distinguish PAs
  • To understand how the NHSBSA reimburse the VAT equivalent on PAs
  • To understand the dispensing and prescribing rules pertaining to PAs
  • To gain easy access to a list of more commonly prescribed PAs as deemed by the NHSBSA

Part two aim:

  • To understand how HMRC distinguish PAs items
  • To understand how practices should deal with PAs for their VAT returns
  • To understand the different categories of VAT and how they apply to medications dispensed by Dispensing Doctors (DDs)

Part three aim:

  • To explore the possible ways of dealing with PAs and VAT depending upon how PAs are interpreted by HMRC and by NHSBSA independently.


Training for New Dispensers and Apprentices

Thirty hours of educational content

This Dispex Education Module consists of one Unit and the following 11 Sections.

1. Dispensing – The Legal Stuff

2. The Need for Accuracy

3. The Prescription

4. Preparing Prescriptions

5. Owings and Ordering Stock

6. Handing Out Prescriptions, Delivery Services and Filing Prescriptions

7. Quality Standards -DSQS and SOPs

8. Cold Chain and Handling Hazardous substances

9. Controlled Drugs

10. Controlled Drugs Waste Management

11. Drug Alerts

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