Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS)

MDS systems can be known by several other names, but ultimately they all mean the same thing​…….

  • Nomad Trays​
  • Blister packs​
  • Multi Compartment Compliance Aids​
  • Dossette Boxes​

Are all disposable weekly transparent trays​.

Monitored dosage systems are used to support patients who have been assessed by an Authorised Health
Care Professional and have been identified to have practical problems in managing their medicines
Under the Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA), now known as The Equality Act 2010 the authorised
Health Professional must assess what level of compliance support is required.

How might a patient’s non compliance with their medication be identified?

  • Dispensing Review of Use of Medication (DRUM)

(a DRUM is a face-to-face review (depending on current Covid restrictions) with patients or
carers, to establish compliance & agreement with their medicine regime. They help to identify
any problems that the patient may be having. DRUMS also seek to raise the certainty that quality
and safety are delivered to patients. New to DRUMS? Then check out or
DRUMS tutorial.

Who might identify non compliance?

  • Doctors​
  • Any Trained Authorised Staff (Dispensers)

Reasons why you should refer a patient to a doctor to be assessed​:

  • Forgetfulness​

Medical conditions such as​

  • Parkinsons​
  • Alzheimers disease​
  • Ability – Physical or Confusion​
  • Risk to patient or others (identified possibly through overordering causing a risk to themselves or
    others in the home.​
  • Multiple Medications or complicated timings​

7 day prescribing

Provision of 7 day prescriptions is at the discretion of the prescriber & should be issued when 7 day
dispensing is required. It is good practice to record the reason why a
decision is made to initiate 7
day prescribing in patient’s notes.

Possible Reasons

  • Where there is a clear clinical need for restricting the quantity of medication that a patient holds at any
    onetime (consider overdose or misuse)​
  • Social reasons
  • There are frequent changes to the medication regime (help minimise error & waste)

When a MDS device is required to be supplied on a weekly basis to support medication compliance,​ 7 day
prescription MDS systems must be collected or delivered on a weekly basis.​ It is a good idea to arrange a
mutually suitable day for collection/delivery and for this information to be recorded.

For further information on MDS systems, including 7 day prescribing, the law, DRUMS & assessments
can contact our helpline. Members can also click here for a free list of medication not suitable
for use in Disposable Dossette Boxes!

Dosette Boxes via Dispex

The original CL01 tray: is light and compact, safe and very easy to use. The transparent tray and seal ensures
that the medication is clearly visible and medication times are clearly stated. The specially designed seal
ensures that the patient can easily access their medication and that it is not affected by moisture.

The XL tray: was designed to allow more patients to benefit from the advantages of using a monitored
dosage tray system! The XL tray can accommodate a higher volume of tablets.

The CL08 system: are also disposable weekly packs, specifically designed for use by Community patients.
The lower running costs of CL08’s makes this newer system a very attractive proposition! The CL08’s
contain less plastic!

The Duo system: are specifically designed for patients taking medication twice a day.
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