Making Sense of Biosensor Glucose Test Strips

Biosensor Glucose Test Strips

There are now 68 different biosensor glucose test strips available on
prescription. The cost of 50 test strips varies between £5.20 and £16.41.
Of the 68 brands available, 51 have NO Manufacturer’s
Discount Scheme
and of those 51, only 8 products
offer a Wholesaler’s Discount. This means
that only
25 brands out of 68 provide a discount, which can vary between
10% and 30%. You will make a loss on 45 products. Some manufacturers
offer discounts on only some of their range and one offers a monetary
rebate, but on only one of its products.

As always, there will be pressure from prescribing advisers to prescribe the
cheapest. Some patients do however need more expensive strips as they require
closer monitoring and some Sensors provide Carb counting functionality
which is very useful in some Type Diabetics.

Within the August Gazette we have broken the table down into 3 different Basic
Price Categories. The profitability table is available for Dispex members to view
on the Dispex website,
Brand Comparisons page. Some of the loss-making
brands can be purchased as Parallel Imports and will either reduce the loss
or make a profit. These are listed in the Brand Comparisons on the Dispex
website, but members are advised to check the prices they can obtain on
as not all wholesalers provide the same PI prices.

Check the profitability of Biosensor Glucose Testing Strips HERE