Local ICB Training Hub Funding

Local ICB Training Hub Funding

(Any training Subject)

Are you aware that your local Training Hub, supported by HEE, has easily accessible funding available for
your training requirements, including those from 

3 Steps to Free Training from your Local Training Hub

Step 1:

  • identify a CPD training need during your appraisals?
  • recognise a ‘near miss’ or dispensing incident to address?
  • increase individual & team knowledge/skills to improve confidence & performance?

Step 2:

Visit the Dispex website and find the Tutorial, Online learning module or on-site training course that would
benefit your team. Alternatively, email 
training@dispex.net for further details.

Step 3:

Find your local Training Hub here  or below & apply for help with funding your Dispex training. Dispex is
already an approved provider for multiple Training Hubs! 
Please note, all hubs operate differently and
approval requirements may vary. 
Watch this HEE video for details.