It Pays to Learn!

Dispex have partnered with Paragon skills, a leading training provider in the healthcare sector, to provide a unique training and development opportunity which also leaves you in credit!

The partnership provides an end to end recruitment and training package that also affords you access to government funding and incentive bonuses worth thousands of pounds per person.
This can be applied equally to new employees as it can to existing ones whom you wish to upskill.

As a dispensing practice you can access this today. You’ll have;

  • Free access to Paragons recruitment service if required,
  • Earn £3000 or £4000 per person in government bonuses
  • Enjoy 1 years employers national insurance holiday for learner under 25
  • Access to the apprentice wage rates
  • Free Dispex dispensing course*
  • 95% or 100% course funding for business administration or customer service pratitioner
  • Statistically proven higher rates of engagement and retention of staff

Our partners Paragon Skills are a multi award winning provider of apprenticeship courses with a primary focus on healthcare and education. They deliver thousands of accredited courses every year to junior and senior members of staff across England. It is through this partnership that we can provide a host of financial, learning, recruitment and retention benefits.

As Alistair Ling of Paragon explains, “we have taken the apprenticeship model, expanded it and then tailored it to the medical practice sector. From a financial perspective, apprenticeships are an obvious choice. The training is first rate, the courses are free or require a tiny contribution and the government will pay the employer thousands of pounds for each person they enrol. When you add the Dispex Dispensing Course and a free recruitment service, it becomes too compelling to ignore. And not surprisingly it’s hugely popular. I developed this scheme about 18 months ago for another part of the pharmacy sector and hundreds of people have benefited since.”

A key component here is of course the government incentives. Currently these apply to newer members of staff who joined the practice after the 1st October. These people will need to be enrolled on their course by March next year to qualify but the remainder of the benefits will be enduring and new learners under 19 years of age will still earn their employer £1000 per enrolment.

“From an apprenticeship providers perspective we see the impact of our courses in a slightly different light. Apprenticeships are now mainstream and the antiquated image of a school leaver looking for a trade has long since passed. Not only have apprenticeships become a viable alternative to going to university but a much more attractive and affordable way of getting a degree -and age is no barrier”

“There is also a wealth of evidence to support the fact that apprentices are far less likely to leave their role in the first 2 years and I know from first hand experience that those organisations offering a recognised qualification to their new recruits make the job of securing good talent a great deal easier.”


If you would like to understand more about this programme drop Alistair Ling a line at or give him a call on 07805 669243. If you want a call back don’t forget to leave a direct number.


*Apprentices recruited by Paragon will be eligible for free access to this 30 hour course which will give candidates the confidence to understand the complexities of dispensing and work in dispensaries -please click here for details.