Insulin- Batch Submissions

Source: Mark Gibbon- NHSBSA

Q. Do you have anything that you could send me that explains why insulin doesn’t have to be on a script by itself and doesn’t need to go in with the PA’s?


A- From Mark Gibbon- NHSBSA

When submitting your batch, many dispensers separate the PA forms and leave them at the top of the batch. This is often because of dispensary working practice on your behalf, rather than how Prescription services process them. We scan every form we receive, before it is either processed by our technology or presented to staff. These forms filter through our system at different rates, depending what is on those forms.

So often forms you have banded together, do not always follow each other through the system. Therefore, the order we process your forms becomes random hence there being no need to put Insulin forms in with your PA items. These forms are read and processed on their own merit, rather than where in the batch you submit them. Be assured we process the Insulin correctly no matter where you submit it in the account – whether you place them with your PA’s or scatter them throughout the batch.

If your dispensary working practice is to send them in with the PA’s separated at the top, then that is fine with us and does not affect how Prescription services will process, but more importantly does not affect how we pay those items.