ICBs Assume Control of DSQS

Dispensary Services Quality Scheme UPDATE

Since the ICBs assumed control of the Dispensary Services Quality Scheme (DSQS) in May,
it appears that they are implementing several modifications, particularly concerning Standard
Operating Procedures (SOPs). A member of Dispex has informed us, that their ICB now requires
them to present actual copies of their SOPs, it’s no longer just a tick box activity. Additionally,
the practice must provide a copy of the written audit trail detailing the amendments made to
the SOPs, including the dates they were reviewed. The deadline for submitting these documents
for the mentioned practice is the end of
NEXT month, the 31st of July! If you participate in DSQS,
we strongly advise you to request your 2023/24 contract or double check yours as soon as
possible, as you may be subject to the same changes. If you have any uncertainties, we
recommend contacting your ICB directly.

If you do find yourself in the same situation, it presents a good opportunity to overhaul your current
SOPs. We are pleased to provide our members with assistance in this regard. Members can
login to
the Dispex website to access and download our comprehensive SOPs library. ALL templates MUST
be personalised to individual practices.

Standard Operating Procedures Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are defined as, “detailed
written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function” and are ideally
for use in the dispensary. Standard Operating Procedures in dispensing practice are a clinical
governance issue, and while their use is not yet mandatory, their adoption will undoubtedly improve
patient safety. Practices which sign
up to the DSQS Scheme must develop and maintain a set of SOPs
which reflect good professional practice and cover all dispensary procedures. SOPs must be reviewed
and updated at least once every 12 months and whenever dispensing procedures are amended.

DISPEX SOP Templates

Our templates provide guidelines based on DSQS Minimum requirements. You will need to tailor and
adapt the content
to your own circumstances and adjust each one to reflect the way your own Dispensary
operates. We recommend that you practice the SOP for a few weeks and then review with your staff to
decide whether it is working or if there are areas which need to be improved. Then, all your dispensary
staff will need to read it and sign that they understand what it means. This process also offers a good
opportunity to identify competencies and for you to offer training and develop your staff. Please note,
all templates MUST be personalised to individual practices, Dispex cannot accept any responsibility for
the way in which these templates may be used by your practice. Some templates are under development.


Another notable change for the practice is the reduction in the number of audits, from the usual two per
year to just one. Once again, we recommend that you check your contracts and contact your ICB directly.
Please keep an
eye on the Dispex website, social pages and the monthly Gazette for further DSQS updates.