Hypromellose Update

Since Hypromellose 0.3% has been taken out of Part VIIIA of the Drug Tariff there
has been a rush to change patients on to branded Hypromellose. This is going to
cause a shortage of some brands.

Dispex’s most profitable brand will be in short supply – to see how to overcome
this go to the Members only
Supply Update section of the Dispex website.

The shortage situation is being exacerbated by some of our colleagues who are
buying the maximum amount of Xailin (50 packs of each class of Xailin) at the
discounted price via their Wholesaler Dealer Licences and then selling them
on for distribution to pharmacy. 

This undermines the dispensing doctor discount market and we have seen over
the years how many, many drug companies have reduced or even discontinued
their dispensing doctor discount schemes because of this abuse.

There may be short term gain, but this will impact ALL dispensing doctors
in the long term as we see discounts all but disappear. There are some
manufacturers who
are fighting back and will actively stop all future
discounts for those dispensing doctors who take part in this grey trading.

When you sign up to any discount scheme, please read the small print, as
inevitably you will be signing that you will be purchasing those products
for the use of your own patients.