Have you missed the February Gazette?

February 2023

Demand and pressure within GP practices has never been greater, with worsening
population health, the cost
of living crisis, circulating viral infections and staff
shortages, it seems likely that the January blues may take longer to shake off this
year. However, with any bad situation the more you know, plan and adapt the
better the outcome.

Therefore, it’s vital, more than ever to ensure you are maintaining and improving
your dispensary income.
The success of your dispensary could be key to your
practice’s survival during these unprecedented times for Primary Care. We truly
understand how busy your GPs
and Practice Managers are, but they really need
to find
the time to re-connect with your dispensary and the team, it’s going to take
a collaborative approach this year!

If you’re currently a Dispex member, ask yourself whether you’re using our
online data to its full potential? If the answer is NO, there’s no shame as we
know the time constraints upon you! BUT if you could designate a few hours
each month to check through our online tools, you will discover how our
platform can help you save time comparing prices, as we’ve already done
the “donkey
work” for you. We pride ourselves in providing quality data for
dispensing doctor practices and communicate
our resources in tables that
are easy to compare.

However, if after accessing the online data you still have concerns over your
dispensing income and feel a “hands-on” approach is required, we can arrange
for our Dispex Consultant to visit you on-site for a Dispensary Management
Profitability Review. These reviews can be funded by your local PCN, please
contact your PCN Lead to secure your funding before the 31st March 2023
dead-line. Management courses can be booked post this date as long as
everything has been confirmed and the PCN payment has been processed
beforehand. Please click
here for details. Please note, we are now taking
bookings on a first-come, first-served basis.

Finally, it’s time to ensure you are ready for your DSQS deadline, please see
pages 2 & 4
for advice and resources. If you are not currently part of DSQS
its worth considering as the annual scheme
rewards practices for providing
quality services to their patients and forms another income stream.
The scheme renews on the 30th June 2023!

Best Wishes, Dispex


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