GPs say online patient access to medical records will boost workload and litigation

Sources: PULSE  Emma Wilkinson 2.2.24

GPs in England are sceptical of patients having online access to their medical records, believing
it will cause confusion, increase workload and could lead to more litigation, a study has found.

A survey of 400 GPs from all regions of England found that many GPs believed patients able
to access their records would worry more and find them more confusing than helpful.

In addition, more than eight in ten GPs feared they would spend more time addressing patient
concerns outside of consultations but also that appointments would take significantly longer
as a result.

Yet there were some benefits, those participating in the study said. In all, 70% agreed patients
would better remember their care plan and 60% said having online access to their medical
records would help patients feel more in control of their care.

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