GP practices to stop same-day care as ICS effectively mandates new service

Source: PULSE  Eliza Parr 7.2.24

Exclusive The third-largest integrated care system (ICS) in England is effectively mandating the
use of ‘same-day access hubs’, leaving GP practices with only ‘complex’ patient care.

From April, North West London integrated care board (ICB) is introducing the requirement as
part of its ‘single offer’ local enhanced service, with practices obliged to sign up to all services
to access the funding – effectively mandating the hubs.

The same-day access (SDA) hub model will ‘deliver a single point of triage for same-day, low
complexity’ demand for all patients in the ICS, and has already been trialled with ten PCNs in
the area.

In documents seen by Pulse, the ICB has said it is ‘now a priority to support the remaining
35 PCNs’ to also implement the model so that there is ‘an equitable offer to patients across
NW London’.

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