Generics Costing More Than Tariff

Each month over 140 generics, as priced in the Drug Tariff or DM+D, are priced at a lower price than the purchase price. When you take the clawback into account, this jumps up to nearer 250 generics.

During the month NHSBSA Prescription Services (PS) publish Concession prices for that month. These are the prices at which those selected products will be reimbursed only for that particular month. In order to reduce losses to DDs, the dispensers can change the script to a generic brand or generic manufacturer and the doctor needs to initial the change.

Changing Scripts

To help our members navigate script changes we have created an online guide that answers the following questions……..

  • Why should I change the script?
  • Do I need to endorse any changes to the product name in the left-hand column?
  • Can you give an example of this?
  • What if the dm+d price is less than the reimbursement price?

We also provide a summary offering advice on when to not change a script and when to change a script. Members can simply login and head to the Informatics page to read in full, non- members can join online on the membership page!