Focus On: Isosorbide Mononitrate

March 2023-By Dr Philip Koopowitz- Dispex & Hexagon6

Kyowa Kirin have divested themselves of Isotard and with it goes their generous discount. You may not
have a huge number of patients on this class of medication, but it is easy to see losses mounting up if you
just do nothing. We have looked at the Modified Release Isosorbide Mononitrate and broken them down
into strengths and form (Capsules or Tablets). The one area which has potential for you to prescribe and
dispenser smarter is the 60mg Tablets.

Note that there are not many choices in the lower strengths and when prescribing Capsules. The only
brands with some discount available are Isodur (Galen) and Monomax (Chiesi). Dispex members can
assess the
profit or loss on all the products listed below. In addition, we have added the potential profit/
loss should you decide to prescribe generically and dispense brands, for the 60mg XL Tablets. Note that
Chemydur comes in a pack of 30, so if prescribed generically, you will be reimbursed £3.49 (minus