Dispex Update Pages

Whenever updates regarding The Drug Tariff, Category M, Concessions, or Drug Supply issues come
to our attention, we promptly revise our pages. Additionally, we update members with the latest
discounts offered by manufacturers and
highlight any discounts withdrawn. We analyse the impact
of these changes on individual brand profitability.

Concession Price Updates-As Concession Prices are added to the Drug Tariff for a particular
month, Dispex will publish the full list in alphabetical order.

Discount Updates – we add important discount updates as we become aware of them. These can
help you be 
pro-active in changing from one brand to another when discounts reduce or disappear.

Drug Tariff Updates – Each month we analyse the Preface to the Drug Tariff and highlight relevant
products which have either been added, removed or changed in the Drug Tariff.

We also provide a list of Category M products and their change in price, when these occur.

Supply Updates – each week we refine the SPS Supply Updates (https://www.sps.nhs.uk/) and provide
you with a list of primary care relevant supply issues and discontinuations in an easy to access table.

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