Upcoming Dispex Tutorials


25th August-  Business Management of a Dispensary Part 3


1st Sep-    DSQS
2nd Sept – Intro to Practice Finance Part 1
8th Sept-   Dispensary Customer Service Part 1
9th Sept-   Business Management of a Dispensary Part 1
15th Sept- Drug Tariff & Endorsing
22nd Sept-Controlled Drugs Part 2
29th Sept- Understanding Profitability Part 1


Two new Tutorials for the Autumn-Winter Schedule


This NEW tutorial will cover the main aims of DRUMS and will provide guidance on how to carry out a professional and successful DRUM. Ensure with certainty that the quality and safety for your patients remains priority.

This NEW tutorial will reiterate the importance of SOPs and will provide guidance on how to ensure the quality and consistency of existing dispensary SOPs and will provide top tips on when and how to update them.

6th Oct-   Dispensary Customer Service Part 2
7th Oct-   SOPs
13th Oct- Business Management of a Dispensary Part 2
14th Oct- Intro to Practice Finance Part 2
20th Oct- Understanding Profitability Part 2
27th Oct- Controlled Drugs Part 1
28th Oct- Practical Dispensary Management Part 3

3rd Nov-   Dispensary Customer Service Part 1
4th Nov-   Intro to Practice Finance Part 1
9th Nov-   Business Management of a Dispensary Part 3
10th Nov- DRUMS
17th Nov- Understanding Profitability Part 3
24th Nov- Controlled Drugs Part 2 (1pm)
24th Nov- Dispensary Customer Service Part 2 (3pm)
25th Nov- SOPs

1st Dec-   Drug Tariff & Endorsing
2nd Dec-  Practical Dispensary Management Part 1
8th Dec-   Understanding Profitability Part 1
9th Dec-   Intro to Practice Finance Part 2
15th Dec- DRUMS

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