Dispex Training: PCN Leadership & Management Training Funding

Dispex provides a comprehensive Leadership & Management package, which can be financed through your PCN.

Leading and Motivating a Team
This course aims to give you the knowledge needed to understand how to lead and motivate
a team, through effective communication, motivation and individual and team development.

This programme & CPD Certification Service approved course will give you the knowledge you need
to understand Dispensing, Personally Administered Items and VAT in a Dispensing Doctor setting.

Organising and Delegating
This course will give you the knowledge you need to understand the core skills required to deal with
management responsibilities and to develop as a leader.

Performance Management
This course will build your knowledge of the core skills needed to manage performance and
underperformance and to give feedback in the workplace.

Induction of New Staff
Induction training is an important form of employee training for new staff. It enables them to
perform their duties and be productive as quickly as possible, and to feel comfortable in their
new profession or job role. Effective induction training covers key information such as health
and safety, and specific training on any duties and skills required for a new job role.

A Comprehensive Guide to Controlled Drugs
This course will give you the knowledge you need to understand and manage the dispensing
of Controlled Drugs in a Dispensing Doctor setting. 

Understanding Leadership
Are you looking to improve your leadership qualities by completing a leadership skills training
course? This course will develop your understanding of leadership styles and qualities, providing
you with the core skills needed to progress as an effective leader.

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£363 per member or £528 per non-member.

Once your request for funding has been approved by your PCN, please contact the Dispex office via
email. You have two options for payment. We can either directly invoice your PCN or alternatively,
we can invoice your practice. If you choose the latter, you will need to coordinate with your PCN to
arrange your reimbursement.