Dispex Owing Books-Dispensary Aids

With drug  shortages continuing into the foreseeable future, please ensure you are properly managing
your owings process, in accordance with your dispensary SOP. Members can login to our website
to download the “Dispex Owing SOP” (P8) and personalise for your own dispensary.

Owing Books: Designed and produced by Dispex in the same format and standard as our other
publications, these convenient Dispensary Owing Books are used when a prescription has been
partly completed – the dispensary copy can either be attached to the fulfilled ‘owed’ prescription
or left in the bound books. This ensures an accurate and more efficient record management system
is in place for patients medication.

Owing Book Prices:
2 Books – M £7 NM £12
6 Books – M £18 NM £24
10 Books – M £26 NM £35
(all prices are exclusive of VAT)

Postage: £6.25+vat per delivery on items up to 2kg, for full delivery T&Cs please click here.

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