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Dispex is led by two dispensing doctors who understand the complexities and intricacies of dispensing
practices. Our focus on Training, Profitability, Information
and Dispensing Supplies enables our
members to significantly enhance the efficiency and profitability of their dispensaries.

Online Profitability Tools
Monthly lists of generics costing more than tariff    Brand Comparison   I   Benchmarking Resource I
Positive PI’s   
I   Manufacturers Discount Updates

Online Updates on
Concession prices changes  I  The Drug Tariff     Drug Supplies  I   Category M changes

Discounted Training
Tutor-led      Learner-led    I    Private Teams   I   On-site

Free Electronic CD register

Discounts on Dispensary Supplies
Owing Books  I    Denaturing Kits  I    Paper CD registers – We also supply dosette trays

Advice & Support on dispensing issues


While The Gazette is accessible to non-members, access to our online profitability tables & guidance
is exclusively reserved for Dispex members