Dispex Education Training: Learner-led training

Here at Dispex Education, we offer a wide variety of engaging and relevant online courses to meet
the needs and requirements of all Dispensing Doctors’ staff, whether you are an Apprentice, New
Dispenser, Experienced Dispenser, Dispensary Manager, Practice Manager or Dispensing Doctor.

Our Dispex Education platform provides flexible online learning, allowing you to complete any
course in your own time and at your own pace.

Bespoke Dispensing Courses:

A Comprehensive Guide to Controlled Drugs

CPD Certified

Training for Prescription Clerks in Primary Care
CPD Certified

Dispensing for New Dispensers and Apprentices
Dispensing Doctors’ Association CPD certified

Personally Administered Items and VAT in a Dispensing Doctor setting
CPD Certified

Dispensing Review of Use of Medications (DRUMs) in a Dispensing Doctor setting
CPD Certified