Dispex Education: FREE Training

Here at Dispex Education, we offer a wide variety of engaging and relevant online courses to meet
the needs and requirements of all Dispensing Doctors’ staff, whether you are an Apprentice, New
Dispenser, Experienced Dispenser, Dispensary Manager, Practice Manager or Dispensing Doctor.

Dispex Education provides flexible online learning, allowing you to complete any course in your own
time and at your own pace.

Bespoke Dispensing Courses:

A Comprehensive Guide to Controlled Drugs

Training for Prescription Clerks in Primary Care

Dispensing for New Dispensers and Apprentices

Personally Administered Items and VAT in a Dispensing Doctor setting


FREE Dispex Education Training

Dispex has teamed up with Paragon Skills, the leading provider of Apprenticeships for HealthCare settings.
We can now
provide our customers access to business related apprenticeships, such as Customer Service
Level 2 and Business Administration Level 3, Project Management Level 4 or Operations Management Level 5.

Paragon Skills provides an apprentice recruitment service which supports you to find quality candidates to
join your dispensary. They advertise and shortlist and then co-ordinate interviews with your own team and
then sort out contracts and the Apprentices CPD. Paragon can also assist with setting up apprenticeships
for your existing employees.

To discuss employing an Apprentice, please contact Alistair Ling directly- alistair.ling@pgon.co.uk    www.paragonskills.co.uk

Every employee you sign up to an apprenticeship with Paragon, will be entitled to a FREE Dispex
Education course, this offer is extended to new
apprentices recruited by Paragon. If your apprentice is not
involved within the Dispensary, then their one free Dispex Education course place can be gifted to a
dispensary colleague. Please email training@dispex.net
 for details ( available courses are detailed above).