Dispex Data – are you using it to its full potential?

Profitability Tools

At Dispex, we pride ourselves in the quality and quantity of data we provide to dispensing doctors
so that they can improve their dispensary profitability. All the relevant data can be found on the
Dispex website. Here are some quick links and short descriptions of what data is available and
how you can use it.

Profitability Tools

Generics Costing More Than Tariff – here we provide an updated list of generics which cost more
than the tariff reimbursement and what to do if you have dispensed this ever increasing list. Prices
are updated regularly to take into account Concession prices. Each month, you should be able to
reduce losses significantly by applying our Dispex solution to this growing problem.

Positive Parallel Imports – with the ever-decreasing number of brands offering a discount, now
is the time
that you should be looking at Parallel Imports (PIs). We publish a monthly list of
products which may be more beneficial to buy as a PI rather than a UK brand. Some wholesalers
will offer this option for you to default to PIs. This however may not take into account the
discounts that you currently receive for some brands and thus you may be losing money by
ordering some PIs ( the Negative PIs). We assess the PIs on a monthly basis comparing against
the UK brand discounts. Using this data, it may be possible to target your PIs so that you only
order Positive PIs.

Brand Comparisons – Dispex compares brands and generics across classes of medication. We
have 27 different class comparisons, and these could be used to lay the foundations of a
Dispensary friendly formulary – we have covered Respiratory, CVS, Diabetes, Women’s Health
as well as Ocular Lubricants.


Discount Updates – we add important discount updates as we become aware of them. These can
help you be
pro-active in changing from one brand to another when discounts reduce or disappear.

Drug Tariff Updates – Each month we analyse the Preface to the Drug Tariff and highlight relevant
products which have either been added, removed or changed in the Drug Tariff. We also provide a list
of Category M products and their change in price, when these occur.

Supply Updates each week we refine the SPS Supply Updates (https://www.sps.nhs.uk/) and provide
you with a list of primary care relevant supply issues and discontinuations in an easy to access table.


Our Informatics pages provide a plethora of information, such as Quick Links to Important Websites,
Dispensing Fee Scale, Discount Abatement Scale, Endorsing Guidance etc.

Using the Dispex website members could save time and money. If you have not already obtained your
practice’s login details, please contact us at